Set up to relax

Set up to relax.

This article is going to be about how to set up and then to relax, how to set up your life in such a way that you can take time to relax and enjoy life.

It all starts with the set up to take your life and arrange it just as you would like it.

To begin you must know what the end result, that you would like, would be. For example one of my friends would like to live in a beach town at his families batch(holiday home) and be able to work minimal hours at a local business. He could then focus on the other areas in his life that he would like to develop. Mainly fishing and surfing.

But to develop this kind of life it is essential that you are able to vividly imagine the end result and be focused and determined to achieve it.

Another one of my friends is trying to start her own cafe in Wellington City. She currently is investing time in hospitality to gain experience that is vital to the plan and vigorously saving. I tried to explain to her that she would also need either some investors or a business partner to help her in the business management of the cafe or alternatively she could do a night course on running a business.

Her response was that she didnt need anyone else to help her, thats why she is working at a cafe at the moment to gain experience in running one. She also told me that she didnt need an investor because she was saving up the money on her own.

Now at this stage she was getting pretty worked up and I backed off mainly saying that they would help her but she was still going to be running the operation alone.

Setting up a lifestyle where you are working in the area you love is a fantastic life goal. It beats the hell out of working in a dead end job in hopes that you will reach the top of the career ladder. Only to find that once you get there you are an middle aged fat balding man driving a red BMW.

The parts to watch out for.

Just as you graduate from secondary school to tertiary you find yourself facing a brick wall called ‘decide what you will do as a career and define yourself as for the next 40-60 years time’. For me this time was impossibility scary. As I have wrote about before I could not figure out what to do and totally abandoned it.

It is a difficult time for most teenages who have not had a strong passion about a certain career for a long time. Most find themselves looking at what strengths they have at school at the time to determine what they should follow on doing. This approach I find impractical and inane.

The way I found that worked for me was to find something that I would like to do as a hobby or, and probably more intelligent, something that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime that would benefit society or would help in the process of helping the world to progress in some way.

Once you have determined what you are going to do.

Once you figure out what your goal or life aspiration is you can go about implementing it. This you will find just as enjoyable as you will find difficult. Along the way you will find that there will be people who do not think what you are doing is a good idea and some, even close friends, will tell you you are wrong and try and talk you out of it.

Dont be discouraged! Discouragement is a test! You either pass or fail this one. No in between. But it is a good thing. If you are not been challenged or discouraged then you are probably not going about it strong enough.

There is not failure, only feedback. You cannot fail when going about seeking out your goals and desires. You can only generate feedback. If something doesnt go as planned it just means that it needs to be looked at again and that you go about it another way.

First, you accept yourself and reality. Then, you take right action to change yourself and reality.

Set up to relax and retire is not about becoming old and sitting at home with your nice clean house, fancy furniture and immaculate garden. No, in fact I would like to reinstate that retirement should not be about this.

We should be able to take mini-retirements throughout life while pursuing other endeavors. Endeavors that challenge us and make us better, stronger people. Retirement should not be about stability but about movement and adventure.

When you have found your passion and are rigorously implementing it then comes a time to set back and relax. You are on your way and now is the time to enjoy and relish in your achievements.

Remember not to get tied down by societies time-honored traditions. You can be a little different. Its alright. Dont be too shy. Take charge and be yourself no matter what it is. And remember to relax.


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