Its all about giving

I attended a meeting of young and old men who were interested in bettering themselves as individuals. I had found the event on an internet forum which I use quite regularly and thought it was one that was held the next week. Same night of the week and at the same time, I was confused and generally surprised with the opening comment of the meeting.

“Tonight gentlemen, we are going to die.”

Putting my confusion aside, the meeting was very inspiring and has catapulted me into the conscious being I am today. If any of them read this, Thank you!

The main message of this post is going to be about a subject discussed at the meeting.

One of the speakers asked the group ‘What is one thing in this life that you want, benefiting society or yourself, it does not matter.’

The question was passed around the group and each answered in turn. Some things were very specific and others more generalizations. Some included monetary increases, others to become better people. Mostly the consensus was for self gratification.

My answer was ‘I want to have more experiences in life’.

Looking back then to now and the experiences I have had over the past few months, I defiantly subconsciously took that answer on board and really experienced a whole bunch of stuff. This ‘stuff’ I will endeavour to share with you guys one of these days.

Well after everyone had shared their answer with the group the speaker spoke up again and told us the meaning behind the question.

‘What you have told us today is what you really desire and are focused to discover and succeed in. Take those answers and find a way to give them to other people. Only then will you find that what you desire will be attracted to you.’

In essence, ‘Give and you shall receive.’ – Jesus.

It’s all about giving.

We all have to learn how to give more, myself included. I have found myself in the awkward situation where I have been asked for a few coins from a homeless person, or even just someone needed money, had coins in my pocket and totally denied that I have anything of the sort, jingling slowly away down the street.

Now I am not saying we need to give away all of our change everyday of the week. The above illustration was merely something I give you to think about in your daily lives.  Are you really benefiting from that extra change in your pocket, what ever it may be?

Learn to give what you wish to receive.

Once you realize that what ever you want to receive can be achieved just by giving it in the first place you really open up possibilities for anything.

The thing about giving is that it feels so rewarding when you do it. If you take the right mindset and give without feeling you need to be praised for it then it can be a very rewarding experience.

Even better is when you give someone else exactly what you want to in your life. Whether that be an experience, money, inspiration etc…

You can take from that experience something that you may not have received if you had managed to get it on your own by accident or otherwise.

You become more powerful in your body and thoughts when you give to another person. You get an indescribable feeling that can catapult you into success.


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