Physical Freedom

From not on I am going to incorporate a monthly update of my physical fitness, my health and what I am doing to keep myself in tip top condition.

Today will be the first on and I will aim to update them around the end of every month.


My main fitness weapon is the bicycle. I love to ride and can do it all day and all night if needs be.

For me a good 20k ride is and has been a daily occurrence since I had moved out of home a year and a half ago.

Whether it be road riding or mountain biking, get me on one and I will love it!

Since leaving Melbourne and returning to Auckland to catch up with my family and friends I have cut down my riding to a zero. I am thinking of moving to Wellington soon and will promptly be investing in another road bike to get around and keep fit.


I have been keeping myself strong and fit this past month by working at my Dads factory. It has been a busy month for him and he needed a hand with some of the laminating. So I have been in lifting 2400mm boards of ply around. This has grown my muscles considerably and I am now continuing with a weight lifting throughout the week to keep the muscle.


Since being home I have gained 5kgs. This extra weight could be from the physical work that I have been doing or the fact that I can eat as much food as I like and am being continuously get feed up.

This year I am going 100% vegetarian. That means no more meat. It doesnt really concern me because I have been eating mostly vegetarian the past year anyway. My goal is to be completely free of foods with added hormones to them. Processed food these days are getting very bad to eat and are the leading cause in so many new diseases.

Also the fact that all my vital minerals and vitamins can be found from fruit and vegetables and that meat doesnt contribute anything really beneficial to your diet is another reason to go 100% vegetarian.

Thats it for now. The next update will be in a months time.


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