The Spirit and the Soul

I was chatting to one of my ‘enlightened’ friends the other day about spirituality and so forth. We got to the point of how I had gotten amnesia and the effects it had played on my life.

We had been discussing spirits and souls, how we perceived them and how they worked. She has been interested in this topic for a long time and has dived deep into theory and discussion.

Her understanding of science and philosophy is vast. She currently doing her Masters in Science and has been studying philosophy for many years.

My understanding of science isn’t the best. I studied it in school but never took much interest. I have been studying Relativity and the space time quantum for a few months now and find it very interesting. I have been studying religion, spirituality and philosophy for many years now and started when I was about 14, just when I started my life quest for improvement and enlightenment.

I grew up through my teens as a Christian and went to a Catholic high school. They made religious studies mandatory and this is where I learnt a lot out religion with a Catholic bias. I have since traveled and explored other religious and spiritual groups. I have also turned to alternative measures for spiritual enlightenment.

The Spirit and the soul.

Think of the term soul as merely meaning a way of explaining consciousness in human beings. It is the difference in each of us, separates us from other species and from one another.

The spirit is in all life. Everything that exists has spirit. Spirit flows through everything around us, through the food we eat, the people we meet and all the other things that make up our day. The world is interconnected by the spirit and is incorporated with everything in our lives.

We must keep this energy in balance or else we get sick or become depressed. Too much of anything is bad for us. That includes the good stuff in our lives. If we are not producing a balance in our lives then eventually the world will take over and shock us into changing or suffer the consequences. This post is not about balance though so I will not dive deeper into it for now.

What we must understand is what each the soul and the spirit are to fully understand what is going on around us. Once you can figure this out you can start to piece together what exactly is going on around us.

Soul transferring and lifespans.

What my friend and I discussed was the all about soul transfers and life spans of souls.

What really interested me was the fact that when I fell off the fort and suffered amnesia I changed.

What we decided on was that when I fell it was a way for the soul that was in me to move from my body and inhabit another one. Now I am not sure why this may of happened but a likely cause would be that the soul had either completed what it needed to do in my body or that it found it could not complete what it needed to do in my body.

So what it did is found a way to escape and take up another body to complete what ever it had to do.

I am in no way discouraged or disappointed in this decision for I would not be me here right now. This I am very thankful for.

My friend told me of a time when something similar happened to her and she feels like maybe the same thing had happened to her too. Another interesting fact that we brought up was that her pancreas stopped working at the same time as I had my accident. Sure this could just be chance but I think that somehow we are spiritually connected and our soul had brought us together.

We share a consciousness with one another that has a strange peace about it. We connect on a different level than other people and are able to share ourselves with one another very open and honestly.

Do our souls have a life span?

They may do. Once they find what they are seeking that may end. They may have several lives looking for what they need to be complete. This could be what happened to my pervious soul when it left my body. I could only hope that it succeeded and is now resting in splendour.

I don’t think that they have a finite existence like we do. I think they would define it as infinite yet none of the words we have can really explain it properly.

Where to now?

I think that we must be aware of our own soul and the spirit that engulfs the world. There may not be a lot we can do but live our lives as best as we can and try and connect with our soul and achieve what ever it need to achieve in this lifetime.


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One Response to “The Spirit and the Soul”

  1. Steve Martinez Says:

    The bible says that god created man from the dust of the earth and blew into the notrils of adam and he became a living but it doesn’t mention anything about the spirit. The body and the soul help the spirit to become alive thru the word of the god the spirit is eternal not the soul. The soul just helps the spirit so it can go back home from where it came from heaven

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