What I did the next day.

After I had fallen off my bike and taken some scratches I decided I needed to grab life by the scruff of its neck and start making things happen. I sent a text message out to a bunch a contacts that read ‘Need to move out of my place. Does anyone know of a room going?’

I got a whole bunch of no replies but one yes. It was just what I needed to hear. ‘Yeah, my next door neighbour is going overseas for 2 months and needs someone to baby sit his room’. Beautiful.

Next thing I did was quit my job. I was working in sales and it was sucking all the life force out of my soul. I had to knock on people’s doors to try and change their power company by offering them a better deal.

Now it wasn’t the fact that I had to door knock, sell a product or change their power company that bothered me. It was the fact that this industry is very large in Australia and people get hammered everyday with this. In fact some people would be so upset by my arrival that I suffered a lot of abuse.

To make matters worse was that I wasn’t getting many sales and wasn’t making any money since it was commission based. So they taught me how to manipulate the customer so they wouldn’t really understand what was going on and sign up.

Great, I was making money but these poor people are going to suffer because of it. I had to get out of there and that’s exactly what I did.

Creating and Delivering Value.

Never again will I find myself looking for a job. I have come to the conclusion that is it a big waste of time. Now you might ask how I intend to live because money is life isn’t it?

But stop and think for a little bit. Lets break this down and analyze it. You trade your time for money. So if you work an 8 hour day 5 days a week on a base wage of $20 an hour you come up with $800. Now don’t get me wrong that a lot of money! I could really go for $800 a week in income. The only problem I see with that is that is the maximum amount you can earn without going over time.

Do you see a problem with that? Do you think its reasonable and intelligent to only earn income while you work? Has the world so thoroughly brainwashed you into thinking this is the only way? Have you ever considered that it might be better to be paid even when you’re not working?

It would be very nice to be getting paid while you eat, while you watch television at night, while you brush your teeth and while you sleep. Get paid whether you’re working or not, 24/7.

I have been introduced to a bunch of very smart individuals who use leverage to earn money whether they’re working or not. They have residual or passive income. They have started businesses, created websites, become investors and have created royalty income for themselves through creative work. This system delivers ongoing value to people and generates income for themselves.

Once you can discover the secret of creating and delivering value to people’s lives you create wealth. Not so much monetary wealth even though that is part of it. You create a wealth that is shared by many throughout time. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Real value is the kind of value where you can see tangible positive change in the world.

With this in mind I set about making the hard decisions in my life.

That was that day.

What came next was unexpected and really catapulted me to the next level in conscious being.


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