It all started at eight, again.

The story starts when i was 8 years old. I was playing with my friends at lunch time on a building nicknamed ‘The Fort’.

This, a fully wooden three story building, was the main attraction to kids who wanted to play tag.

The door to get in was made of wood and would swell up when it got wet. The only way to open the door sometimes was to kick it out from the inside, especially for an 8 year old kid.

Unfortunately I was running up the stairs away from the person who was ‘it’ when just as I approached the door someone from inside decided to kick it out.

This action hit me squarely in the face, knocking me over the safety railing of the second floor platform, down unto the concrete ground below.

A lady who happened to be walking through the school yard at the time(I am not sure why) saw this, picked me up and took me to the nurse’s office at my school.

I have pieced this story back together over the past 13 years.

The reason being was waking from unconsciousness left me in a state of amnesia.

I did not know who I was, the people standing around me(my parents), or the place which I was in. All I can say is it was quite hazy, confusing and pretty damn scary.

This started me off on my quest to fix and organize my mind. To recall details of my childhood and help fix my often confused and jumbled brain.

What I have studied in the past 6 years of personal development has brought me to a stage where I believe I am ready to share with the world my thoughts on the power of the brain and how to sort it all out.

This blog is going to represent a lot of the steps I took to rekindle my brain and tip and tricks to remembering and organizing your mind.

It shall be shared as a story, the tale of my life up until this point. When I reach the point I am at now I hope to have new and exciting tales from my future travels and tribulations.


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