447 Mind Wax

The purpose of this website is to bring you the power of personal freedom, a freedom that we all can discover and harness in our lives one day at a time.

Freedom is not acquired overnight. It is a rich balance of constant growth and helpful guidance. What we strive for as a people is in the end some kind of freedom. Whether it be the freedom to go where ever we please or be able to freely go and talk to that attractive person across the room. We all want it, we all need it and we spend every day of our lives striving towards it little by little.

This blog is going to be devoted to the desperate struggle for personal freedom in all areas of life. I will share with you personal lessons I have experienced over the years as well as the knowledge I have accumulated from others. I hope to encourage and uplift every person who visits this site and hopefully help him or her in some way.

Here are some of the topics I will be covering in this blog.
– Financial Freedom: Creating an abundance of wealth and passive income.
– Social Freedom: An awareness of social conditioning.
– Personal Freedom: Escape the 9-5 and travel anywhere.
– Spiritual Freedom: Find inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.
– Physical Freedom: Adopt healthy habits that improve your body.
– Mental Freedom: Improve your memory and free your mind.


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